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Since its inception in 1958 the church has been involved in missions thus highlighting the truth that it is a living church. However, her active involvement in God’s mission started way back in 1979, the 29th of April when the church made the decision and declared that DABA would be a Missionary Church. This was a God given vision after a week long Bible study (23rd – 29th April, 1979) when the church members asked God for a vision for the church’s ministry.

Our Vision Statement

To glorify God through bringing people to Christ and planting biblically sound self-supporting local churches through evangelism and discipleship.

Our Goal

  • To plant Local Churches
  • To carry out education Ministry
  • To carry out medical and mercy ministries
  • . To carry out socio-economic projects ministry

Cross-Cultural Mission

With the aim to take the gospel to the peoples of other cultures the church has started two Mission Field Projects, one in Naogon Distirct, Assam among the Plain Karbis and the other in Lower Dibang Valley and Upper Dibang Valley Districts, Arunachal Pradesh among the Idu Mishmis.

Churches in the Mission field

Idu Mishmi Mission Field & Plain Karbi Mission Field

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This is What We Do

  • The church seeks to glorify God through bringing people to Christ and planting biblically sound self-supporting local churches through evangelism and discipleship.
  • We sponsor salaries of missionaries under Christian and mission organisations, chaplain, Youth Director, Executive Secretaries, Evangelist and lecturers in theological institutions.
  •  We also contribute financially to ABAM International Ministries (AIM), NBCC, ETC and other Christian organisations/ Theological institutions.
  • We do cross cultural mission in the following two states of India: Plain Karbi Mission Field, Naogon District, Assam.

    Idu Mishmi Mission Field, Lower & Upper Dibang Valley Districts, Arunachal Pradesh.

  • The Church seeks to bring about economic and social upliftment by initiating mini-micro economic projects in the mission fields.
  • We extend scholarship to theological, Bible and Secular (Post Graduate & above) students. 
  • We sponsor and conduct trainings and seminars for Churches and mission related organisation. 
  •  We carry out programmes and provide financial assistance to matters and subject of social concern.
  • We organise an annual Mission Programme in the month of April.
  •  We run an educational institution in Plain Karbi Mission Field called Plain Karbi Mission English School (PKMES).

Mission Field Staff

Rev. K. Imtiwati Jamir

Field Director, Idu Mishmi Mission Field

This mission field is located in the districts of Lower Dibang Valley & Upper Dibang Valley among the Idu Mishmi Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. After the declaration that DABA would be a Missionary Church she decided to do mission work in Arunachal Pradesh.

In the year 1984, based on the information dispatched by the then Lohit District Executive Secretary, the church sent a 3 member survey team to Tezu Town, the district headquarter of Lohit District. The team brought back encouraging news that mission could be started among the Mishmis with Tezu as the mission center. In 1984 three persons came to DABA from Tezu to discuss matters relating to the mission and finally the same year the church decided to work among the Mishmis. The mission among the Mishmis with Tezu ran till 1994 but due to differences among the Mishmis (Tekaro Mishmi, Idu Mishmi & Mizo Mishmi) the mission center had to be shifted to Roing Town, Lower Dibang valley district. The first missionary to work here was Mr. L.M. Yanger Thonga.

The local churches have formed themselves into an association known as Idu Mishmi Baptist Khumu Keba Embo (IMBKKE). They have four office bearers appointed for a term of 5 years. They in collaboration with the Field Director carry out the activities of the Association.

Mr. P. Toshi Aier

Field Director, Plain Karbi Mission Field

This mission field lies in the district of Naogon in the state of Assam among the Plain Karbis. In 1984 a four member committee was sent to Pokaigaon one of the Plain Karbi villages         to survey the place. Eventually DABA approached CBCNEI and Naogon District Baptist Churches Association regarding taking over the area for her mission. After understandings were reached between DABA the above mentioned association DABA took over the mission work among the people with Pokaigaon as the mission center. Today there are local churches sponsored by the church in these areas Rangaloo, Kundoli, Jaklapanda, Sabanala, Salona, Kaliviti and Barokwhoa areas all under Naogon District.

Mr. I. Sensen was the first missionary sent by DABA to work among the Plain Karbis in the year 1986 and served there for six years. So far we had four missionaries work in the mission field and the present field staffs is given below.

1. Mr. P. Toshi Aier, Field Director

2. Mr. Dhorom Rongpi, Evangelist

3. Mr. Junetpur Teron, Evangelist

4. Ms. Kasang, Women Evangelist

5. Ms. Champa Kropi, Youth Cum Women Worker

Mrs. Temsütola Lonchar

Head Mistress Plain Karbi Mission English School

In 1993 through the initiation of Mr. C.S. Milik a school was opened by the name, “Rev. Mills Bronson English School.” In 1997 the proprietor handed over the school to DABA and changed the name to the one mentioned in the caption above in the year 1999 under the motto “Learn to Serve.”

The school follows the SEBA syllabus. There are around 403 students enrolled in the school. The school also has a residential hostel with 170 students. So far 8 batches of class 10 students have passed out from the school with 2013 & 2014 batches securing 100 percent pass record. Students from different ethnic community like the Karbis, Muslims, Hindus and others study in the school.

Plain Karbi Mission Field
Youth ministry

Matthew 28:19-20

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Rev. K. Imtiwati Jamir

Ordination Program 1st March 2020

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