Tongtepratep & Shisamolu


Tongtepratep Journal is a Biannual publication of DABA that caters to the spiritual and theological needs of the church. It also attempts to, through various articles, enlighten and create awareness among the readers on various issues related to the church and Christian life.

The Tongtepratep Monthly Bulletin keeps the congregation informed about the ministry of the Church.

The Church brought out its first publication, Taküm Lisü in 1976 with Lt. N. T. Longkumer as the editor but had to stop the publication as there was dearth of articles contributors. Two years later, in 1978, the book was renamed, Dimapur Ao Arogo Bulletin, with Mr. Longkok as the editor. This was published tri-annually only to be stopped again. In 1982 the name was changed to Church Bulletin and published under the editorship of I. Süpong Imchen only to be stopped again after some months of circulation. Three years later, in 1986, the publication was renamed Contact and finally in 1987 the present name was given.

At present we publish around 20,000 copies. The present editorial board is headed by Mr.Talimeren Longkumer (Convenor) along with Four other members.

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This magazine was introduced in December 2002 and as the name indicates this is a platform where the youngsters are given the opportunity to pen down their constructive views and opinions and also share their wisdom. In other words, Shisamolu contains the wisdom and understanding that emerges out of the thoughts of the young generation.

The magazine accepts articles in Ao dialect so as to help youngsters develop and utilise Ao dialect better both in speech and writing. The first publication was 4300 copies with Mr. L. Lima Jamir as the editor. This was a bi-annual magazine in its initial years but today it is only published annually. 

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