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The mid 20th century saw the influx of students to Dimapur Town in search of better and higher education. But the church had no ministry dedicated especially for these youngsters. Moreover, many young people just wasted their precious time in useless gatherings and celebrations. Seeing this sad situation the then Pastor Lt. N. Tatong (Changki), taking much hardship gathered the youth under the name C.E. with Mr. Imnanükshi as its first President and organised evening service every Sunday; this was the year 1966.

The youth was organised under the motto, “To bring out the Ao youth from worldly living & ways and help them through teachings from God’s word.” And under that motto the Youth Department carried out projects and ministries to bring the young people closer to God, thought the initial years were not all that smooth sailing in terms of response.

The Youth department finally got affiliated to ACYE (Ao Christian Youth Endeavour) in the year 1975 which remains to this day. However, the need for a full time staff to oversee and supervise the department gathered momentum and finally in the year 1977 Mr. Taku Longkumer (Changtongya) was appointed as the first Youth Director.

Office & Administration

The Youth Ministry is one of the departments of the Dimapur Ao Baptist Church and it is headed by the Youth Director, Mr. Jongshimanen Jamir. The Ministrial office is assisted by four General Office Bearers (voluntary) namely the President, the Vice-President, General Secretary and Assistant General Secretary. They make binding decisions and look after all the youth affairs.

There are officially recognized eight fellowships which functions under the supervision of the General Office. Each fellowship consists of four fellowship Office Bearers. They manage the youth and youth related programmes in their respective fellowships. Again, each fellowship has its members divided into Houses and Clubs (Cadet Club, Crossroad Club and Crusader Club) with elected leaders respectively.

The General Office’s functions include dispatch of information, delegation of works and making recommendations for proper working of all member fellowships. The fellowship Office bearers are responsible to the General Office on all matters related to youth. The General Office and the eight fellowships work hand in hand to accomplish the common goal of bringing the youth together under the church ministry.

Each fellowship Youth Ministry has an Advisor, to advise and guide the young people. Adding to that there are a total of 8 Youth Evangelists one each for the 8 fellowships with the main purpose of evangelism among the youngsters. The ministry also has two Deacon Representatives and 3 Executive members.

Our Members:

Total Youth Members: 3770, Female – 1803; Male – 1967 (Tongtepratep, 2017).

This is What We Do

1. World Environment Day (5th June 2015): A yearly event whereby theme based activities is carried out from cleanliness drive and tree plantations to sensitization programmes.

2. Praise & Worship Consultation (11th April 2015): An annual programme amongst the members of Worship teams from the 8 fellowships for discussion, consultation and resolution.

3. Leaders Orientation & Spiritual Awakening (17th – 18th April): Annually

4. Youth Revival (March – June): Annually

5. Motivational Programme: To motivate the youth to make use of their skills for self-reliance

6. Sports Ministry (Home-land & Cross-culture): To reach the unreached with the gospel through sports.

7. Talent Promo Programme: A promotion of talent for God’s glory

8. True Love Waits: Signing of Pledge cards & Card holders Meet once a year.

9. Age- Group Programmes:

i) Cadet Club (13-17 Years)- Cadet welcoming programme
ii) Cross-Roads (18-25 years) – Extravaganza programme
iii) Crusaders Club (25 years & Above; also known as the “Teintet Lanur”): The Crusaders meet once in every 3 months.

10. Touch Dimapur: It is one of the most important events of DABAYM with major initiatives from the Teintet Lanur by doing mission-target activities not only inside but also outside the church.

11. Praise & Worship Team: i) The General team- It is composed of selected singers & musicians representing all the 8 fellowships. It has a Convenor. The worship practice is on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month for 2 hours each. ii) Fellowship Team – The Worship practice is on a selected day every week for 2 hours.

12. Mission Exposure

Our Worship Timings and Days

We conduct the Inty Youth Sentep (General Youth Service) in the last Sunday of every month in the Main Church, Duncan. The rest of the Sundays the services are held in the respective fellowships.

Summer: 04:00 PM

Winter: 03:00 PM


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