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Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo Women Ministry started as a fully fledged ministry from 6th April 1960. The Ministry began its journey under 12 Women Deaconess (Tenzükla) and among them 4 were chosen to lead the ministry. The ministry was placed under the able leadership of Late Mrs. Merenlemla (Aonokpu) as Tesayula, Mrs. Jungmalemla (Waromung) as Secretary, Mrs. Repasongla as Treasurer and Mrs. Toshinaro as Chowkidar. With Rs. 30.5 in their account, the Women Ministry began its faith venture. The then Tesayula began her ministry without salary and it was only in the years 1966, that the Women Ministry bestowed her salary of Rs. 10 per month. In the year 1967 Mrs. Tsünula (Khonoma) donated an additional sum of Rs 5 into her salary; adding up to that she was given a tin of kerosene annually. In the year 1973 Mr. & Mrs. Tzüdimeren (Changki) willingly offered to sponor the salary of Chowkidar of Rs. 10. This was the humble beginning of the said ministry, under God’s leading hand and generosity of believers.

In due course of time, the need for a theological graduate and with a wider perspective for the ministry to work, Tesayula was changed to Associate Pastor (Women) and so Mrs. Rongsenchila (Mokokchung), a graduate from Calcutta Bible College was installed as Associate Pastor (W) on April 1981. The first dynamic participation of Women Ministry in DABA was the hosting of 1966 New Year feast. The Mother’s Day program was 1st celebrated under Mrs. Merenlemla. In 1978, Father’s Day was celebrated under the then Tesayula Mrs. Jungmalemla (Waromung). 55 Years since its inception, the ministry now has a strength of 69 Tenzükla from the 8 fellowships and 1 prayer cell and the ministry is headed by Mrs. Moamongla Aier, Associate Pastor (W) (süngratsü) and Mrs. Rongsenchila, Secretary (W) (Khensa).

Hostel Ministry:

Seeing the need to develop self-esteem among the girls thus enabling them to climb the ladders that life has to offer, the Women Ministry in 1998 opened a hostel by the name Abigail Home; resounding very much to the character of Abigail in the Bible. The hostel accepts female students from any tribe and tongue on a first come first basis. Apart from developing self-esteem which is the motto of the ministry, it aims to give the world good and dedicated leaders.

The hostel offers a total of 35 seats for girls in higher secondary studies and also college going girls. There is also a provision where 5 seats with 2 years free mess is reserved for daughters of full time Church workers. However, a student cannot avail this provision if one parent is employed or salaried.

The Women Ministry offers seminars, trainings, retreats and other educational and spiritual programmes for the hostellers. The hostel has two staff, Miss. Imnasenla Imsong, the Warden and Miss Anti Chang, the cook.

Süngti Kongru:

This is a club of fully dedicated women with a purpose to add beauty to the worship service. They do flower arrangements and other related tasks in the church on worship days and also on all church special occasions.

This club was formed in 2006 with 28 women as its first members. Today this club has 43 members selected from different fellowships. The club is headed by a Convenor and a Secretary.

Our Worship Timings and Days:

Women Ministry have worship service every Thursday morning from 08:30 a.m. of which the last two Thursdays of each month are held in each respective fellowship.

This is What We Do
   1. Sponsoring a spiritual counsellor for HIV positive.
   3. Conducting varied seminars.
   4. Visiting & Conducting Women Fellowship in and around Dimapur Ao churches.
   5. We sponsor the salary of the Scripture Teacher in DMHSS.
   6. We sponsor VBS, Children Crusaades etc.


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