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Town Fellowship

Town fellowship is located in Khermahal and this was the place where the worship services were held well into the early 1980’s. In other words, this was the worship center for the congregation, but after the decision to grant fellowship status to Duncan was resolved, the need to give a different name to the fellowship was felt. Thus in 1981 the nomenclature Town Fellowship was given to those areas adjoining Khermahal. Altogether, 13 pastors excluding the present serving pastor had served here before and after it was granted fellowship status.

1. Associate Pastor: Rev. L. Lima Jamir

2. Deacon Board Members:

i. Mr. Temjen Aier
ii. Mr. Onen Aier
iii. Mr. Aowati Jamir

3. Mapangsür:

i. Mr. Takochiba
ii. Mr. Mejungchang Imchen
iii. Mr. Imtisashi
iv. Mr. Talimoa Jamir
v. Mr. Lipokyimba Aier
vi. Mr. Lanusungkum
vii. Mr. Mar Imsong
viii. Mr. Meyinüken
ix. Bendangwati

4. Choir Master:

Mr. Imtiwati

5. Chowkidar: Mr. Kamil

6. Number of Households: 706 (HECM, 2017).

7. Our Worship Service Timings and Days

Wednesdays & Saturdays
a). Winter: 04:00 PM
b). Summer: 05:00 PM
c). Autumn: 04:30 PM
10:30 AM


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