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The decision to start this education ministry was taken by the church in commemoration of her Silver Jubilee celebration in 1983. Set up in 1985 the educational institution runs with an objective to provide the children with quality education and at the same time guide and lead them in tandem with God’s word. The school is owned and sponsored by the church but given autonomous status governed by a tenured Managing Board nominated by the church in her Annual General Meeting.

Our Vision Statement

The institution envisions to mould the students into G0d-fearing and responsible citizens. It seeks to equip every child with competitive quality education and strong moral and spiritual foundation to face the challenges of the world and motivate them to know their calling and serve humanity with missionary zeal. The school is oriented to achieving this end based values of Faith, Dedication and Sacrifice as inscribed in its logo.

The school administration

1. The Principal
2. The Academic personnel is compartmentalised into three sections; primary section (Montessori to class 6), high school (class 7-10) and higher secondary (class 11-12). The school also runs a residential hostel.

School Statistics:

1. Principal : Mr. Alemtushi Imchen
2. Teaching Staff : 36
3. Non-Teaching Staff : 8
4. Total Number of students : 872
5. Total no. of hostellers : 22

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