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Knowing its importance and vital role in a worship a 40 member Choir was first formed way back in the year 1969 under Mr. Imkongmeren as Choir Master. Acknowledging the necessity after the span of 30 long years on 2nd Sept. 1999, a five member Music Committee was formed in DABA under Lt. T. Lisen Longkumer as Convenor. As the Church witnessed its massive growth in terms of membership and in the ministry, the need of a fulltime worker was unavoidable. Thus, with its great vision and mission the church inducted Mr. Talimeren as first Music Director in 2003. By 2007 Church Choir was started in all the Fellowships under the leadership of a Choir Master. Today we have eight adult choirs, one Youth Choir and an Intermediate Choir.

This is What We Do

Right now the ministry is confined within the church with little outreach ministry in mission fields. Choir in each Fellowship takes care of leading hymn singing in every worship services besides singing the occasional special songs. Once a month two Fellowship choirs present special song in combine worship and a Fellowship leads Praise and Worship. We also have a ministry during bereavement wherein we comfort the bereaved family (ies) by singing hymns and spiritual songs. We have Basic Sight reading training to all the church members, and Scholarship facility to those aspirant church members who have the intention of helping the church in the future. We also have a Music Hall with all the latest facilities. Besides, we have regular Music Training for the Choir Members and Crush Course for the Choir Masters.

Songs and hymnal Release

The DABA Music Ministry is looking forward to promoting local Ao Gospel hymns and songs composed by the church members. With this end in view we have opened up the Music Ministry website so that church members with their new original compositions can release them hassle free without any financial burdens. However, previously released songs from old albums are not encouraged. However, there would be no financial implications attached to the release from the church end. We would accept a number of 3 songs in mp3 format from each composer, subject to verification from the Music Ministry before release. The songs would be available for streaming & listening in the Publications & Resources, audio page after the lapse of 3 months.

Our Vision

With the understanding of skilful music and singing unto our Lord, our Music Ministry has wider vision of going out of Church worship and reaching out to the Musicians.

As we have seen the snail pace growth as far as our Music Ministry is concern, here I therefore humbly request one and all to come forward with your valuable suggestions and helping hand.


Sl No
Song Name

Ne Teka Songtokang
Senti L Jamir
Senti L Jamir
Khrista Den Ainer
Senti L Jamir
Atemzükba Kiyir Benjong
Taochimen Jamir & Jungjenna Jamir
Yisu Kü Tembar Tajung
Senti L jamir
Christian Ballad
Küm Lir (40) Ajungba (anniversary)
Lirojung Ozukum
Christian Music
Küm Tenem Ajungba Ken
Lirojung Ozukum
Christian Music
Pa Kü Kümtetdakba
Senti L jamir
Christian Music
Mapang Tajung Alangzükdi
Senti L jamir
Christian Music


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