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Since its inception in 1958 the church has been involved in missions thus highlighting the truth that it is a living church. However, her active involvement in God’s mission started way back in 1979, the 29th of April when the church made the decision and declared that DABA would be a Missionary Church. This was a God given vision after a weeklong Bible study (23rd – 29th April, 1979) when the church members asked God for a vision for the church’s ministry.

Our Vision Statement

To glorify God through bringing people to Christ and planting biblically sound self-supporting local churches through evangelism and discipleship.

Our Goal

1. To plant Local Churches
2. To carry out education Ministry
3. To carry out medical and mercy ministries
4. To carry out socio-economic projects ministry

Cross-Cultural Mission

With the aim to take the gospel to the peoples of other cultures the church has started two Mission Field Projects, one in Naogon Distirct, Assam among the Plain Karbis and the other in Lower Dibang Valley and Upper Dibang Valley Districts, Arunachal Pradesh among the Idu Mishmis.

Mission Management

All field workers Field Director Mission Director Mission Board Deacon Board

The Mission Board consists of 22 members with Rev. N. Tzüdir, Chairman and Mr. Limaaküm, Mission Director (Secretary in Mission Board).

This is What We Do

1. We sponsor salaries of missionaries under Christian and mission organisations, chaplain, Youth Director, Executive Secretaries, Evangelist and lecturers in theological institutions.
2. We also contribute financially to NMM, AIM, NBCC, ETC and other Christian organisations/institutions.
3. We look after two mission fields;
a. Plain Karbi Mission Field, Naogon District, Assam.
b. Idu Mishmi Mission Field, Lower & Upper Dibang Valley Districts, Arunachal Pradesh.
4. We extend scholarship to theological & Bible students and sponsor theological students as well.
5. We sponsor and conduct trainings and seminars for those who are financially restrained.
6. We carry out programmes and provide financial assistance to matters and subject of social concern.
7. We organise an annual Mission Programme in the month of April.
8. We run an educational institution in Plain Karbi Mission Field called Plain Karbi Mission English School (PKMES).


News Publications

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