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This mission field is located in the districts of Lower Dibang Valley & Upper Dibang Valley among the Idu Mishmi Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. After the declaration that DABA would be a Missionary Church she decided to do mission work in Arunachal Pradesh.

In the year 1984, based on the information dispatched by the then Lohit District Executive Secretary, the church sent a 3 member survey team to Tezu Town, the district headquarter of Lohit District. The team brought back encouraging news that mission could be started among the Mishmis with Tezu as the mission center. In 1984 three persons came to DABA from Tezu to discuss matters relating to the mission and finally the same year the church decided to work among the Mishmis. The mission among the Mishmis with Tezu ran till 1994 but due to differences among the Mishmis (Tekaro Mishmi, Idu Mishmi & Mizo Mishmi) the mission center had to be shifted to Roing Town, Lower Dibang valley district. The first missionary to work here was Mr. L.M. Yanger Thonga.

The local churches have formed themselves into an association known as Idu Mishmi Baptist Khumu Keba Embo (IMBKKE). They have four office bearers appointed for a term of 5 years. They in collaboration with the Field Director carry out the activities of the Association.

Field Staff

1. Mr. K. Wati Jamir, Field Director
2. Mr. Chaima Polu, Evangelist
3. Mr. Mula Lingi, Evangelist
4. Mr. Dipok Umpo, Evangelist
5. Mr. Chaima Mechichi, Evangelist
6. Mr. Jeke Mejo, Evangelist
7. Mr. Mula, Evangelist
8. Mr. Bendang Ao, Anini Area Evangelist
9. Mr. Amuta, Youth Promoter
10.Mr. Nehru Umpo, Youth Worker


Local Church Statistics

SL No. Local Church Established Pastors
1. Rukmo B/C 1994 Malo
2. Bizari B/C 1998 Akash
3. Roing Town B/C 2001 Mulin
4. Dello B/C 2003 Mithando Umpo
5. Dambuk B/C 2004 Arun
6. Iduli B/C 2004 Ategi
7. Emuli B/C 2008 Mechi
8. Kongtong B/C 2008 M. Rai
9. Maselo B/C 2010 Ita
10. Chedu B/C 2010 Koteri
11. Italin B/C 2010 Jinny
12. Anini B/C 2012 Upai
13. Aroju B/C 2013

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