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Merali Fellowship

Merali Fellowship is located in Viola Colony. The believers in Nepali Kashiram and other adjoining areas attended worship services in Lengrijan Fellowship but the increase in Ao Christian families in the area mentioned above by the middle of the 1980’s necessitated the genesis of a prayer cell. The Prayer Cell was started on June 16, 1990 with Mr. M. Panger (Longjang) as the prayer cell in charge. In 1992 the church bought a plot of land with a building, later refitted as a church building, and with the following colonies officially declared open Merali Fellowship – Nepali Kashiram, Viola colony, Lotha colony and Oriental colony. Mr. Kika Jamir served as the first full time pastor of this newly formed fellowship. Altogether, as many as 6 people served as either prayer cell or fellowship in charges and 4 as pastors excluding the present serving pastor. From house worship service in the residences’ of believers to Anganwati buildings the prayer cell has came a long way. Glory be to God.

1. Associate Pastor: Rev. Kika Jamir

2. Deacon Board Members:

i. Mr. Imtijungshi
ii. Mrs. Bendangla
iii. Mr. T. Sosang Longchar

3. Mapangsür:

i. Mr. Imlisungkum Mr. Imchatemsu
ii.Mr Bendangmeren
iii. Mr. Among Aier
iv. Mr. Marnungba Lkr
v. Mr. Marsosang
vi. Mr. Tiajungba

4. Choir Master : Mr. Lanuyanger

5. Chowkidar: Mr. Sosanglemba

6. Number of Households: 438 (HECM, 2017).

7. Our Worship Service Timings and Days

Wednesdays & Saturdays
a). Winter: 04:00 PM
b). Summer: 05:00 PM
c). Autumn: 04:30 PM
10:30 AM


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