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Lungmen Fellowship

The believers in the areas/colonies adjoining Burma Camp initially attended the church services in Town Fellowship. However, the distance and large settlement of Aos in the vicinity coupled with population growth proved decisive in granting a prayer cell by the name Burma Camp Prayer Cell, DABA in April 1998 with Mr. T. Süngjem Longkümer, the then Home Evangelist as the prayer cell in charge. In 2006, the church sensing the need to grant fellowship status to this prayer cell did so under the nomenclature Burma Camp Fellowship, only to be renamed Lungmen Fellowship the following year. Until now 4 persons has served in the fellowship as in charges and as pastor excluding the present serving pastor.

1. Associate Pastor: Rev. Wati Kichu

2. Deacon Board Members:

i. Mr. Mar Jamir
ii. Mr. Temjenyanger

3. Mapangsür:

i. Mr. Bendangsosang
ii. Mr. Temsuakum
iii. Mr. Markaba
iv. Mr. Temjenkaba
v. Mr. Supong Ao
vi. Mr. Imtenzükba

4. Choir Master: Mr. T. Meren Jamir

5. Chowkidar: Mr. Imliaküm

6. Number of Households: 330 (HECM, 2017).

7. Our Worship Service Timings and Days

Wednesdays & Saturdays
a). Winter: 04:00 PM
b). Summer: 05:00 PM
c). Autumn: 04:30 PM
10:30 AM


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