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This mission field lies in the district of Naogon in the state of Assam among the Plain Karbis. In 1984 a four member committee was sent to Pokaigaon one of the Plain Karbi villages to survey the place. Eventually DABA approached CBCNEI and Naogon District Baptist Churches Association regarding taking over the area for her mission. After understandings were reached between DABA the above mentioned association DABA took over the mission work among the people with Pokaigaon as the mission center. Today there are local churches sponsored by the church in these areas Rangaloo, Kundoli, Jaklapanda, Sabanala, Salona, Kaliviti and Barokwhoa areas all under Naogon District.

Mr. I. Sensen was the first missionary sent by DABA to work among the Plain Karbis in the year 1986 and served there for six years. So far we had four missionaries work in the mission field and the present field staffs is given below.

Field Staff

1. Mr. P. Toshi Aier, Field Director
2. Mr. Dhorom Rongpi, Evangelist
3. Mr. Junetpur Teron, Evangelist
4. Ms. Kasang, Women Evangelist
5. Ms. Champa Kropi, Youth Cum Women Worker


Local Church Statistics

SL No. Local Church Established Pastors Members
1. Pokaigaon B/C 1983 Mohen Bey 135
2. Ahutoli B/C 1983 Upen Tokbi 138
3. Borhola B/C 1989 Anil Kro 20
4. Amgurisang B/C 1997 Mohender Kro 23
5. Rongtrasim B/C 1997 Anjok Teron 16
6. Rongtheang B/C 2010 Drawin Bey 28
7. Timungaon B/C 1999 Akon Rongpi 16
8. Kapitoli B/C 2006 Lukhu Meins 24
9. Topisang B/C 2006 Jugen Ronghang 15
10. Kalapani B/C 2010 Daniel Ronghang 33

NB. The members are exclusively that of the Baptist denomination. (Source: Tongtepratep, 2014).

Plain Karbi Mission English School

In 1993 through the initiation of Mr. C.S. Milik a school was opened by the name, “Rev. Mills Bronson English School.” In 1997 the proprietor handed over the school to DABA and changed the name to the one mentioned in the caption above in the year 1999 under the motto “Learn to Serve.”

The school follows the SEBA syllabus. There are around 235 students enrolled in the school. The school also has a residential hostel with 72 students. So far 7 batches of class 10 students have passed out from the school with 2013 & 2014 batches securing 100 percent pass record. Students from different ethnic community like the Karbis, Muslims, Hindus and others study in the school.

School Statistics

1. Headmistress
Miss. Temsutola Longchar March, 2010 – till to date
2. Teaching Staff
3. Peon
4. Caretaker
5. Chaplain

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