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This ministry was started in the year 2010 made possible by an amendment in the Church Guideline. This ministry attempts to penetrate families and witness Christ to them and also to bring families closer to God and to the church. It seeks to provide counselling to those in need, set up prayer cells and thus support the church.

This is how we function

HECM has a committee that comprises of the Counsellor who is also the Convenor, 1 Associate Pastor, Home Evangelist, 8 short term Home Evangelists, 2 deacons and 2 church members. This committee decides and plans and with the approval of the Deacon Board implement those plans. Each fellowship has a team of short term evangelists, its members in proportion to the size of the fellowship. Moreover, each fellowship has a team leader and asst. Leader to help carry out the ministry.

This is the fellowship wise distribution of short term evangelists numbering 179: Duncan fellowship – 32, Town Fellowship – 32, Lengrijan Fellowship – 27, Signal Fellowship – 26, Yinsem Fellowship – 22, Merali Fellowship – 16, Lungmen Fellowship – 13, Yongkum Fellowship – 11. In addition to that, there are 7 short term Home Evangelists.

Prayer & Healing Ministry

The HECM carries out a ministry called Prayer & Healing Ministry which includes conducting a Healing Service every Wednesday from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. There are around 110 prayer warriors who involve in this ministry. They are also grouped and organised like the short term evangelists with a fellowship team leader guiding them.

This is What We Do

Evangelism ministry

1. We give training in evangelism to the evangelist through the School of Evangelism.
2. We carry out door to door home visitation.
3. We give personal evangelism to those who seek as such and help them to accept Christ as their saviour.

Prayer and healing ministry

1. We supplicate to the Lord the problems of the society and the world in earnest prayer.
2. We pray and ask for God’s healing power upon those suffering spiritually and physically.
3. We pray for those youngsters who come with varied problems and pray for blessings upon them.
4. We pray for anyone needing prayer support and healing.

Counselling Ministry

1. We select a group of people and offer them basic counselling training for 40 hours and assign counselling ministry to them in their respective fellowships.
2. We give pre-marital counselling to youngsters.
3. We give marriage counselling to those to be married couples 97-8 hrs baggage).
4. Couple and family counselling.
5. Career counselling.
6. We give counselling to sick people and to those terminally ill with less hope.
7. Personal growth counselling.
8. Spiritual counselling and Bible study.
9. Anger and stress management counselling.
10. Drugs and alcohol dependent counselling.
11. Counseling the suicidal.
12. HIV/AIDS patients counselling.
13. We give counselling to people with different psychological problems.
14. We also give psychotherapy.

Our Targeted Plan

1. Cell Group Ministry

Cell group ministry: Iba ministry ajanga fellowship shia nung cell group balalala boka tekülem akatsü merangtang inyaktangtagi.

  Fellowship 8 nung cell group 800 shi tenzüka inyaktsü DABA HECM mangdangyour sarasadema asameyangdar.

2. Discipleship Ministry

HECM is praying and preparing plans to start this ministry in two to three years time.


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