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Electrical Prayer Cell

This prayer cell falls under what is called Full-Nagarjan area or Electrical Colony. It was established so that believers in this area would get an opportunity to attend the worship services regularly as the distance to Khuda village where the Yinsem Fellowship is located was quite far. This measure also solved the problem for the congregation, of travelling back to their homes in the dark, after the evening services got over. This Prayer Cell was, until last year, an associate congregation in Yinsem Fellowship, having only their Wednesdays and Saturdays Worship Service in their own locality but attending Sunday Devotional Services in Yinsem Fellowship. They now have all the worship and devotional services in their own locality except for the first Sunday service of every month which is held in the Main Church Duncan.

1. Pastor in charge: Dr. Moa Imsong Counselor

2. Deacon Board Members:

i. Mr.Limasanen pongen
ii. Er.K.T. Wabang Ao

3. Mapangsür:

i. Mr. Apangsen
ii. Mr. Mesosangba Lemtur
iii. Mr. Pangiliba

4. Choir Master: Mr. S. Yanger Aier (In Charge)

5. Chowkidar: Mr. Basongtiba

6. Number of Households (Combine with Yinsem): 705 (HECM, 2017).

7. Our Worship Service Timings and Days

Wednesdays & Saturdays
a). Winter: 04:00 PM
b). Summer: 05:00 PM
c). Autumn: 04:30 PM

2. Our Devotional Service Timings

10:30 AM


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