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Initially Christian Education ministry started with the name Sunday School Department after which Child evangelism department was later started. Both these ministries were considered as two different departments. However, in 1991 the two departments came under the same department and was named Christian Education Department. But again in the year 2009 the name Christian Education Department was changed into Christian Education Ministry (CEM).

In January 1969 under Pastor Lt. N. Tatong the first Sunday school was started in DABA with Mr. Supongrepba and Mrs. Ruth Tajen as the first teachers. In 1976 under Lt. I. K .Zulu (Mangmetong) the first Sunday School Board was started. It was only in the year 1991, that the 1st of that the first Christian Education Director in the person of Mr. Imtionen (Unger) was appointed.

Today the DABA Christian Education Ministry stands under the leadership of 1 Christian Education Director, Miss R Asenla Jamir, 12 Incharges namely;

SL No. Name Fellowship
1 Mrs.Asenla Lemtur Lungmen
2 Mr. Temjen Yongküm
3 Mr. Among Aier Yinsem
4 Mr. Lanuyanger Electrical
5 Mrs. Toshisangla Town
6 Mrs. Amenla Walford
7 Mr.Moyatoshi Duncan
8 Mr. Imnalemba Sümedem
9 Mr. Matsung Merali
10 Miss. Anungla Oriental
11 Mrs.Yangerla Upper Signal
12 Mr. Yanger Signal

The DABA Christian Education Ministry also consists of a 12 member board committee presently known as DABA Christian Education Board. DABA Christian Education Ministry under the Christian education Director along with the Christian Education Board looks after the Sunday school as well as Child evangelism.

The ministry has 178 teachers (126 Sunday school teachers and 27 child teachers) and a total strength of 3240 children in 12 Sunday school sectors under 8 fellowships and 1 Prayer Cell.

Our Vision & Aim

The central vision and aim being the all round development of the Child the DABA Christian Education Ministry aims and tries to organise different programs adhering to the need and development of the Child so as to create and establish an environment catering to the physical, social, mental and spiritual needs of the children. The ministry through different ways and means aims to inculcate spiritual, moral, social values thus keeping in mind the best interest of the child.

This is What We Do

1. Organising one week vacation Bible School in and around Nagaland.

2. Organising creative workshops and various competitions.

3. Inculcating and educating children on environmental issues through different seminars and workshops.

4. We organise Bible based competitions.

5. We organise and develop children related kid’s games.

6. We organise an annual day long picnic cum games outing.

7. We offer trainings to teachers.

8. We also hold a Graduation ceremony for outgoing students.

9. We organise theme based one day talent presentations.

10. We visit churches in and around Dimapur Town.


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