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Duncan Fellowship

The Dimapur Ao Baptist Church (hereafter DABA) was founded in the year 1958 and Khermahal was the area where the church building was located and worship services held. This went on for some period of time well into the 1980’s. However, member growth, urban expansion (geographical area) and dispersed/scattered settlement of church members laid the seed for granting fellowship status to certain areas and this fellowship was the first among many.

The problems faced by the following areas viz. Duncan, Lingri and Industrial Estate provided the impetus to the creation of this fellowship. But now Lingri and Industrial Estate both are known by the name Lingrijan fellowship. So we see that Duncan fellowship did not initially started off as it is known today. We see a pattern of segregation yet a bond of unity. The people of these areas had to come all the way to Khermahal to attend church services which is a long way off. So, sensing the practical problems involved in travelling after the evening services in the dark and the long distance to be covered, the Church felt the need that fellowship status had to be granted to these areas. Thus, in 1981 the Duncan Fellowship was founded. Since then, the fellowship had 9 pastors excluding the present serving pastor.

1. Associate Pastor: Mr.Imnatoshi Longkumer

2. Deacon Board Members:

i. Mr. N. Lanu
ii. Mr. Imsü Jamir
iii. Mr.

3. Mapangsür:

i. Mr. Sentilemba
ii. Mr. Repatemjen Pongen
iii. Mr. Chubatoshi
iv. Mr. Noksensangba
v. Mr. Rongpangba
vi. Mr. Lanusangba
vii. Mr. Imdangtiba
viii. Mr. Nungsangmeren
ix. Mr. Tiatemjen Imchen
x. Mr. Aoshi Longkumer.
xi. Mr. Temsunungsang Imsong.

4. Choir Master:

Mr. Talimeren (Music Director)

5. Chowkidar:

(a). Main Church building – Mr. Chubatangit
(b). Old Church building – Mr. Tekaniken.

6. Number of Households: 958 (HECM, 2017).

7. Our Worship Service Timings and Days

Wednesdays & Saturdays
a). Winter: 04:00 PM
b). Summer: 05:00 PM
c). Autumn: 04:30 PM
10:30 AM


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