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DABA Motto

The motto of the church is, “Occupy Till I Come” from Luke 19:13.


It means to negotiate or trade, with the pounds (make use of the ministerial gifts), exercise them, lay them out, and trade with them. The church ministry is a trade and merchandise, to be carried on, not in the name of the ministers of Christ, nor on their own stock, nor for themselves, but for Christ, and for the good of souls; which shows, that they must not be slothful, but laborious and diligent.

Till I come:

It suggests the certainty of Christ's coming, the continuance of the Gospel ministry to that time; and that there is no rest nor ease for Christ's ministers, but a continued series of labour and service, until then; when, for their encouragement, they shall receive their reward.

DABA Objectives (Nükjidong)

1. The DABA will be a Missionary Church. The Ao Naga Baptists believers under DABA Jurisdiction shall all be united under one Church, DABA.

2. The Church recognising and accepting the headship of Christ will carry out her ministries in accordance with the teachings of the Bible

3. To save the lost souls and bring them under the grace of God in accordance with the teachings of the Bible and to nurture them into becoming mature Christians; to witness the gospel of Christ to the world and to involve the congregation in building up the kingdom of God.

4. To lead the Church in accordance with the Bible and the Baptist teachings and thus protect the church from false teachings.