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About DABA

Dear beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, greetings to you all in the blessed name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Dimapur Ao Baptist Church had humble beginning in 1958 with just 7 families which has now grown to 5,000 plus families.The Pastor sees to the overall administration of the entire church which is a conglomeration of eight (8) Fellowship Churches (satellite churches); Each of this Fellowship Church is pastored by an Associate Pastor. The church has a strength of 28 full time staff, 32 part time staff and more than 800 lay Leaders involved in the home based ministry.

Church planting is done in two places: One among the Plain Karbis of Nagaon District in Assam and the other among the Idu Mishmis of Lower Dibang Valley & Upper Dibang Valley districts in Arunachal Pradesh. We do partner with like-minded mission agencies and theological institutions in the ministry of the lord.

The motto of the church is, “Occupy Till I Come” from Luke 19:13. We affirm that until such time as Jesus’ second coming the church is to continue the gospel ministry laboriously and diligently. To this end, we work tirelessly both at the home base and outside the church in and through the following ministries: (i). Extended Ministry (ii). Mission (iii). Women Ministry(iv). Youth Ministry (v). Christian Education Ministry (vi). Home evangelism & counselling Ministry (vii) Music Ministry.

There are two schools- Dimapur Mission Higher Secondary School (DMHSS) and Plain Karbi Mission English School (PKMES) run by the church with the aim to mould and achieve all round development of the students; both physical and spiritual.

As it is in a Baptist church, the general policy and ministry of the church lies with the general body (congregation) of the church, however, the day to day administration and management is exercised by the pastor’s office and the Board of Deacon’s office. Under these two offices, all the different ministries function accordingly. Each ministry is looked after by a committee.

We believe in God the Almighty the creator and sustainer of the universe; the virgin birth, life and work of Jesus Christ for salvation of humankind and His second coming: the Holy Spirit who abide and leads the believers into all truth: The mission of the God which has been given to all believers and the body of Christ, the church: We believe in heaven, hell and the resurrection of the faithful.

We love to hear from you as well therefore, if you have anything to share or have some queries about us please do so from the contact caption in the home page. We pray for God’s abundant blessings upon you.

Yours in His Grace

Meet Our Members

  Rev. I. Wati


  Rev. Kika Jamir

  Associate Pastor

  Rev. L. Lima Jamir

  Associate Pastor

  Rev. Wati Kichu

  Associate Pastor

  Rev. T. Ariba Imchen

  Associate Pastor

  Rev. Imly Jamir

  Associate Pastor

  Mr. Imnatoshi Longkumer

  Associate Pastor

  Mr. I. Wati Lkr

  Associate Pastor

  Mr. Limaakum Lonchar

  Mission Director (YD I/C )

  Mrs. Moamongla Aier

  Associate Pastor (women)

  Mr.Talimeren Lkr

  Music Director

  Mr. Jongshimanen Jamir

  Youth Director (On SL)

  Dr.N.Moa Imsong



  Secretary (Women)

  Miss. R. Imsüsenla Jamir

  Christian Education Director

  Mr. S. Temjen Imsong


  Mr.Lanuyanger Pongen

  Office Asst.

  Mr. Shiluti Longkumer

  Arogo Secretary

  Mr.Jemti Imchen


  Mr.Moasanen Jamir

  Sound Operator

  Mr.Salangtoshi Ozukum

  Office Asst.

  Mr. Imkonglemba


  Mr. Naresh Rai

  Office Caretaker


  Main Church Chowkidar

  Kamil Sangma

  Town Church Chowkidar

  Mr. Absalom Sangma